• CrossFit Level 1 Training Certificate


“Less talky, more worky” ~ Coach Tim


My fitness journey began at age 12 following a fight at school. Realizing that I wanted to be able to defend myself in this type of situation I began boxing. Throughout the years of boxing I learned that fitness was a way to challenge both my body and mind. The physical changes in my body and the confidence I gained set the stage for my lifetime involvement in fitness. As I improved physically through boxing, I began to try other sports. I played football, soccer, and ran track in high school. In an effort to continue challenging myself, I joined the Marine Corps at age 17. It was at this point I learned that there was more to fitness than being good at sports and other physically challenging tasks. I learned that fitness was a lifestyle- one that included proper nutrition, self-care, and functional physical training. 

Following the Marines, I joined a Hotshot crew in Northern California and I continued my fitness journey by joining a local CrossFit gym. I found that the CrossFit workouts enhanced my ability to do well at a very physically demanding job. I became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CFLV-1) in 2012 and have been coaching at various locations since that time. Throughout my 9 years as a CFLV-1 Trainer I have had the privilege of training alongside athletes of all ability levels- from beginners to CrossFit Games athletes.  In addition, being an avid traveler, I have been trained by and learned from a variety of coaches throughout the world. It is my goal to share that experience with every person who walks through our door- no matter what your ability level is!


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