Lifestyle Reset Challenge

Who is ready to start the year off focusing on nutrition, exercise routine, sleep, mindset........CONSISTENCY?

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Event Date and Time:2022-01-10 08:00:58

Join us in this 30-day challenge to break old habits that aren’t serving you well, and work towards creating new ones that will serve you better! There is power in numbers.  There is power in people working together toward a common goal- lifting each other up and supporting each other.

If you would like to sign up, please click on the link above to register by Friday, January 14th.


  • 30 day habits-based challenge- you determine your own goals!
  • Week 1, January 10th-14th, will be a preparation week- daily tasks will be posted on the FB Event Page. Check in each day to complete that day’s task.
  • Challenge is open to EVERYONE- invite your friends, family members, and anyone else you can think of. The more support we have the higher our rate of success.
  • Challenge is free to Powerhouse members and $25 for non-members.

Week 1: Prep Week- January 10th- 14th:


  1. Take a “before” picture. Picture should be taken from the front, back, and side angle. This will be for your eyes only (unless you choose to share). The before picture is a great way for you to see all of the progress you made throughout the challenge!
  2. Purchase, rent, or, download (you choose) a copy of Atomic Habits by James Clear. Clear gives amazing examples on how to start and create new habits.  I have personally found them essential for growth and development. We will dive in together over the next 30 days as a group to review the book!!


  1. Think of 3 habits you would like to work on!!  They can be nutrition, exercise, mindset, sleep related.    WE all have something different we are working on. They need to be S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound). *
  2. Write down these 3 goals.


  1. Print out the 20 page workbook that we will be using throughout this challenge.*
  2. Complete the Week 1 assignment.


  1. Set up your environment to ensure you are successful for the next 30 days and beyond,
    • If your goal is to eat less sugar, clean your pantry and freezer of junk food and ice cream.  Find healthier replacements.
    • Eat more protein? Add Orgain protein shakes to your day for example.
    • If your goal is to exercise 4 days/wk, get out your calendar for the following week and pencil in the days/times you will workout! #noexcuses.
    • If you want to start meditating or journaling, download the Calm app or Headspace app, or purchase a journal.


  1. Post a healthy recipe to your Instagram or Facebook (either a post or story), don’t forget to tag @folsom_powerhousefitness!!

“Ultimately, it is your commitment to the process that will determine your progress.”        ~James Clear


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