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  • Maribel Cuevas's success story

    I love the person I’m becoming

    I just want to thank you and coach Tim for ALWAYS MOTIVATING ME!! It's like you guys  know when I'm about to quit because that's when you tell me I can do it! Yes I love being praised. Makes me feel good.  I think because when i was younger i never got ...

    Maribel Cuevas

    0.5 year(s) at Powerhouse Fitness

  • Sarah Johnston's success story

    I love the community!!

    I just want to say I am so happy that I found you. I love the community you have built and love everyone....

    Sarah Johnston

    0.9 year(s) at Powerhouse Fitness

  • Lindsey M.'s success story

    I was looking for something more...friendships, guidance, and a place to push my limits....I found it!

    Having been an athlete my whole life I was still nervous walking into Powerhouse Fitness for the first time. I was looking for something more, something that not only would make me more ‘fit’ but would be a place I would find friendships, guidance, an...

    Lindsey M.

    1 year(s) at Powerhouse Fitness

  • Nora Thomas's success story
    Nora Thomas's success story

    I knew I needed a new fitness regimen but I didn't know how much I needed THIS gym!

    I knew I needed a new fitness regimen but I didn't know how much I needed THIS gym! The coaches are absolutely phenomenal and truly best-in-class. The impressive experience levels, genuine interest in helping us be our best combined with a keen perception...

    Nora Thomas

    1 year(s) at Powerhouse Fitness

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