Gina Camozzi

Gina Camozzi


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


To get something you’ve never had, you gotta do something you’ve never done.” ~Denzel Washington

A little about me… I’m a 36 year old spicy little Latina, originally from San Antonio Texas. I’m a very proud wife and mama of two sweet little boys JP and Gabriel.

Health and fitness has been a part of my life since I can remember. My alarm clock growing up was hearing the gate close as my mom was coming in from her 5am jog. I was an active kid, played soccer and danced throughout my adolescence, but didn’t start hitting the weights until I hit my early 20’s. From there I never really stopped…. I competed in a few figure shows, placed well, but was never consistent with my nutrition and work outs once the prep and show were over.

I had some slower workout years, times where I packed on the pounds to just lose them all again the next year. I struggled to find the right balance between exercise and diet. 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my second son Gabriel something hit me, looking  in the mirror at my pregnant body gave me a new found appreciation for it. The body that I was always so mean to and constantly wanted to change, felt insecure about and found ways to hide had given me the two greatest gifts in the world, my sons, and it was about damn time I appreciated it! I refused to be the mom who didn’t want to go to the pool because I had to be in a bathing suit, or sit at the park bench and not run around the playground  with my kids because I felt uncomfortable in my clothes. I told the girls at work that after I had this baby things were changing. I was going to be consistent with my workouts and with my nutrition. I’m not sure anybody believed me because I think a lot of new moms say this, but I really meant it! As soon as I was cleared to workout again I did, I first started with spin classes, then with running I’d also attend a few CrossFit classes per week, but never really cared about hitting PR’s or watched my time on the clock…boy has that changed.

I lost close to 35 pounds between 2016 and 2017 and I’ve kept them off ever since. Over the last five years I’ve been determined, disciplined, and consistent with my nutrition and fitness goals. Even got my CrossFit Level One cert in 2017 and started coaching classes at Folsom City CrossFit. I can proudly say I have not taken my foot off the gas since starting this journey in 2016 and the more time that goes by the better I feel. Unlike in my early 20’s when I only worked out to look good, I have learned that looking good is simply a side effect from eating right and working out. The best result is that I am happy! I wear a bathing suit whenever I want and even though I still have a lot of jiggle in my wiggle I don’t care because I’m confident. This lifestyle has truly changed me, and has given me and new found self respect for my body and I am HAPPIER in every aspect of my life because of it.

I am SO excited to start coaching again at Power House! There’s absolutely nothing I love more than to help people feel better about themselves, get stronger and feel happy.

While I love and respect all the different types of fitness programs, the sport of CrossFit will forever be my most favorite way to work out. I love the camaraderie the gym brings, the lasting friendships made and most of all the continuous challenge it brings to athletes!

Let’s get it 2022!

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